TSX Gateway

A highly secure RDP-VPN solution for Windows which encapsulates the standard Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) over HTTPS.

Version 1.0.200 • Windows • 36 MB •  Changelog

TSX Gateway is a secure VPN alternative

Below is the configuration for deploying Thinstuff TSX Gateway to establish a secure
and encrypted connection between remote users on the internet and remote desktop hosts in your local network.

From outside only port 443 is open and the user has to authenticate at the TSX Gateway. As soon as this is done successfully, the RDP connection to the destination host will be established within an encrypted tunnel. This also increases compatibility with firewalls in public locations such as education institutions.

The 3 primary purposes of TSX Gateway, in the order of the connection sequence, are:

Establish connection

The external user connects to the TSX Gateway with any remote desktop client.


The TSX Gateway authenticates the user and ensures permissions to access internal network resources.

Pass traffic

After verification, the TSX Gateway passes to the user to the destination host through a secure tunnel.

Maintenance update

Feb 20, 2023 - Please update TSX Gateway to the latest version 1.0.200!

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Open Standards

100% in house development based on open standards

Any Windows OS

Not restricted to Microsoft server operating systems
Works on any Windows Server- or Workstation-operating system

Any client device

Works with any RDP enabled client device protocol version 6 and above.

2-step authentication

1st step against TSX Gateway, 2nd step against RDP Host

Active Directory

Full Microsoft Active Directory integration

VPN Alternative

Secured RDP connections over HTTPs

Extensive security features

Fine-grained access management for external connections to TSX Gateway


Built-in configuration and live access monitoring

Windows •  36 MB

Download TSX Gateway for Windows XP / Server 2003 or later.

Download 14-day trial

Looking for a Linux version?
Thincast RD Gateway


TSX Gateway requires a trustable SSL-certificate on the client and server. The certificate name (CN) has to be identical with the DNS name which the RDP client uses to establish a connection to the TSX Gateway Server

Need help getting started?

In case you need help getting started with TSX Gateway, you can find a Quick-Start guide below.

Quick-Start guide


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