Remote Desktop Host

An affordable single-user Remote Desktop solution for Windows Home using the standard Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).

Version 1.0.954 • Windows • 14 MB •  Changelog

Enable Remote Desktop
on Windows Home

Access your Windows PC remotely and enjoy all advanced protocol and device redirection features like audio, microphone, disk and printer redirection, media player video acceleration and RemoteFX.

Do you need to access your files and apps remotely on Windows 11 Home?
If so, simply install RDH to enable Remote Desktop.

Work from anywhere

You can connect to your computer using any modern Remote Desktop app. Even mobile devices are supported.

Remote access

Enable remote access on your Windows Home PC

Advanced features

Enable Media Player Redirection, Audio Capture and RemoteFX on your Windows Home PC

Support for Windows 11

Sep 11, 2023 - Please update Remote Desktop Host to the latest version 1.0.954!

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Windows •  14 MB

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Need help getting started?

In case you need help getting started with RDH,
you can find a Quick-Start guide below.

Quick-Start guide


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