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Server Based Computing

Server based computing refers to running applications on the server while forwarding the output to the clients. A very popular example of server based computing is thin client computing where all clients are replaced by so-called thin clients. Thin clients are small, mostly disk- and fan-less devices, capable of displaying remote applications running on a server (also called terminal server).


According to a survey made by the German Fraunhofer Institute server based computing can reduce your IT expenditure by 50%.

This is possible by the nature of server based computing where clients are reduced to small, flexible and cheap thin clients and all applications are run on the server at a centralized and managed location. Operating, maintainance and acquisition costs of your IT can be optimized.

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Thinstuff Products for Your Advantage

Our products cover many parts of server based computing. The following topics are covered by our products in an efficient and cost-saving way:

  • Windows workstations upgraded to terminal servers: XP/VS Terminal Server
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