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Support Contact

For any support questions and issues related to our software please feel free to contact:

Please include the following information in all your support requests:

  • Licensing information (license numbers are perfectly ok)
  • Your customer ID (visible in the online shop) or email address
  • Any other hardware or software related information, third party products names and versions

Thinstuff on VMware products

Thinstuff s.r.o. confirms that we will support customers running all of our products (currently Thinstuff XP/VS Server) on supported operating systems in a VMware virtual machine environment.

Thinstuff s.r.o. will provide unqualified support for all our above mentioned products running in a VMware virtual environment in an identical manner as with all our above mentioned products running on any other major x86 based systems without initially requiring reproduction of issues on native hardware. Should Thinstuff s.r.o. suspect that the virtualization layer is the root cause of an incident; the customer will be required to contact the appropriate VMware support provider to resolve the VMware issue.

While Thinstuff s.r.o. products are expected to function properly in a VMware virtual environment, there may be performance implications which can invalidate Thinstuff s.r.o. typical sizing and recommendations.

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